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AC20-CS energy saving windows

AC20 CS Wood-aluminium window

INNOVATIVE. Satisfying.

With completely concealed sash profiles the AC20 CS aluminium-faced timber window creates a modern architectural statement and allows maximum light to the interior due to the reduced frame sections.

All our aluminium-faced timber windows can be produced in a wide variety of timber species, obtained exclusively from regional forests that meet the strict guidelines of PEFC and FSC certification.

Naturally stained, oiled or painted timber on the inside, complemented by RAL colour powder-coating or plain anodisation on the outside, the combinations of effects can be limitless.

The hidden profiles in the aluminium facings are designed to divert water down and out, ensuring that rain never penetrates far enough to reach the timber frame.

This combination of modern technology and visually appealing design, combined with traditional timber frames, combine to create energy-efficient and weather-resistant windows that are the key to the future of sustainable construction.

Offering a uniform appearance of both fixed glazing and opening sashes, the AC20 CS system is particularly useful in long window sections in office and school buildings.

Minimal section profiles allow maximum light into the interior.



Be inspired by the clean, sharp edges of these windows, adding an appealing and accentuating feature to your building.

The head and jamb profiles can be recessed into the external wall structure, allowing even more light to the inside of your building, making this style a popular choice for educational and office buildings.

The best choice… naturally.

Technical details.


DIN 12207, Class 4

Driving Rain Resistance

DIN 12208, Class 9A


DIN 12210, Class C3/B3

Noise Control

≤ 48 dB


RC1, RC2N, RC2


Uw-Value ≥ 0,64 W/m2K


Interior: naturally lacquered, stained, lacquered in RAL
Exterior: powder-coated in RAL, NCS, DB, anodised, highly weather-resistant


Inward opening, fully concealed

Types of wood

Spruce, pine, fir, larch, oak, douglas fir, mahogany


3 circulating levels of sealing, black

Opening types

Tilt-turn, awning, fixed

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