Preparation of clear reports and provision of a brief of evidence provides a basis for resolving Notices to Fix, legal disputes or to reduce the possibility of being sued.

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Building Code Compliance, for example assessing and resolving section 95a letters, outstanding code compliance certificate (CCC) issues, unconsented building work and certificates of acceptance (CoA) and notices to fix (NTF) from council.

A section 95a letter is what a building consent authority (BCA, usually a council) must issue to the applicant, or building owner, if the BCA refuses to issue a code compliance certificate(CCC) when requested.

Assessment of construction work to identify defects and preparation of reports to be used in legal proceedings to settle disputes.

Attendance at formal legal proceedings to present expert evidence in support of claimants or defendants in construction related disputes, including commercial lease building condition disputes.

Reviewing plans and specifications for compliance with the building code. Prior to submitting plans and specifications to council for a building consent it is useful to engage an independent expert to conduct a thorough review, particularly where weathertightness issues are involved.


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Major structural failures of Schools in Scotland due to lack of Clerk of Works

Over the last few years construction work at many Schools in Scotland has been carried out under Public Finance Initiative Schemes (PFI), where the building contractor self-certifies their own work as being to the correct standard and quality, without being subject to external monitoring or inspection.  This is a model of financing public construction projects that has become common in many countries since it was first developed in UK and AUstralia.  Many of these schools have suffered serious structural failures in the last few years and have needed major re-construction or repair, causing serious disruption to schools and an unexpected additional financial cost.

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