Many of the construction defects and building code non-compliances seen in the NZ construction industry could have been substantially reduced or totally eliminated if an independent set of eyes and ears had been engaged to review plans and specifications and/or monitor works on site.

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Timber frame assessment and decay identification during remediation projects. We are qualified and experienced in the identification of decayed timber requiring replacement during the remediation of leaky buildings.

Including full time or intermittent construction site observation to ensure compliance with the building consent, building code and quality of work.

Review of plans and specifications for building code compliance. Many architects and designers have been sued for their weathertight designs on buildings that have failed to meet the performance of the building code. By engaging us to review plans and specifications before submitting for building consent approval we can reduce or totally eliminate the risk of future litigation.

Preparation of plans and specifications and obtaining building consents for recladding residential buildings including 2D and 3D CAD details. If you have need for a reclad design on a residential building we can provide a full design process and obtain a building consent on your behalf.

Weathertight design for unusual or non-standard areas of construction.

Full Contract Administration of construction projects, including act as engineer to the contract under formal construction contracts.

We manage simple small to medium scale projects in-house.  For larger commercial projects and where expert cost engineering is required we partner with one of Auckland's most successful and professional quantity surveying practices, Quantum (  We offer full contract administration services under formal construction contracts such as NZS 3910: 2013 - Construction, NZS 3916: 2013 – Design and Construct, NZS 3917: 2013 – Fixed Term Contract.


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Major structural failures of Schools in Scotland due to lack of Clerk of Works

Over the last few years construction work at many Schools in Scotland has been carried out under Public Finance Initiative Schemes (PFI), where the building contractor self-certifies their own work as being to the correct standard and quality, without being subject to external monitoring or inspection.  This is a model of financing public construction projects that has become common in many countries since it was first developed in UK and AUstralia.  Many of these schools have suffered serious structural failures in the last few years and have needed major re-construction or repair, causing serious disruption to schools and an unexpected additional financial cost.

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