Construction Contract Administration

Full Contract Administration of construction projects, including act as engineer to the contract under formal construction contracts.


Contract administrator for construction contracts

We manage simple small to medium scale projects in-house.  For larger commercial projects and where expert cost engineering is required we partner with one of Auckland’s most successful and professional quantity surveying practices, Quantum.

Full contract administration services

We offer full contract administration services under formal construction contracts such as NZS 3910: 2013 – Construction, NZS 3916: 2013 – Design and Construct, NZS 3917: 2013 – Fixed Term Contract.

What Construction Contract Services we can help you with?

We can help in preparing preliminary estimates to establish the project budget, carrying out value engineering to identify potential cost savings where possible, preparation of thorough contract documentation, strict tender evaluation, and disciplined contract administration ensuring to maintain tight control on project costs.

Our detailed knowledge of contractual processes, knowledge of specific requirements of conditions of contract, and significant experience as an Expert Witness in dispute resolution adds contractual expertise to our core services.

Work with the professionals

We have extensive experience of other people’s mistakes from our hundreds of defective building investigations.

The evidence of the last fifteen to twenty years of the NZ construction industry’s mistakes leads us to one fundamental conclusion: It is better to try and get it right first time rather than re-visit the mistakes later at considerable cost to building owners, tenants, designers, contractors, sub-contractors, councils, government, insurers and lenders.

Questions about our services?

We know there is commonly asked questions about the design process and choosing, engaging and working with a building consultancy business.

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