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Reveal BC are the building surveying and recladding experts you can trust to get the job done right, first time.

Talk to us if you need building code compliance assessment, seamless weathertight assessment and remedial building design and architecture services. Our experienced Auckland Building Consultants ensure speedy and compliant work that will stand the test of time. We believe in ‘Right first time, on time, on budget’.


Reclad Design & Architectural Modelling

Reveal’s extensive knowledge and experience in the field of weathertight assessment and design has provided us with expert skills in preparing weathertight remedial recladding designs, ranging from single-storey standalone houses to multi-unit apartment complexes.

Building Code Compliance & Assessment

We can reduce architects’ and designers’ risk of being sued for negligent designs and provide peace of mind for owners by identifying building code non-compliant design and offer bespoke design solutions. We also resolve s95a, CoA, NTF issues for building owners.

Building Surveys & Inspections

We identify a property’s condition via weathertight surveys,  defects surveys, maintenance requirement surveys, measured building and disabled access surveys and ensure compliance with the building code.

Building Project Services

We can eliminate construction defects with plan and specification review and construction observation. We also provide energy-efficient and sustainable design consultancy, for Passive House and Homestar, airtightness and joinery testing.

How can we help you?

Reveal Building Consultants Limited provides professional building consultancy services to anyone who has an interest in buildings…

How do you help leaky building owners?

Leaky home owners require certainty of the nature, extent and cost of repairing their homes and what options are available to them. By providing comprehensive invasive and non-invasive weathertight investigations we can determine accurately the extent and nature of the defects and damage and obtain accurate costings for remedying the defects.

We can also offer advice regarding the possible responsibility of other parties in the event of a formal claim being pursued. We can help leaky homeowners fix their buildings, providing remedial design, overseeing the construction work and assessing the timber frame for decay damage during the work.

How do you help insurers?

Insurers are often requested to pay building owners or contractors for damage under their insurance policies. The damage may be the subject of specific exclusions within their insured policies, for example, there is often an exclusion in building insurance policies relating to weather-tightness of a leaky building.

Through investigation, we can provide a clear understanding of the nature, extent, timescale, and cause of any damage and therefore provide the insurers with clear independent evidence on which to base their decision: to pay out under their policy or not.

How do you help commercial property owners?

Commercial property owners’ needs can be wide and varied, ranging from maintenance planning,  isolated defect diagnosis, and repair recommendations through to large scale building investigation and expert witness representation and design and monitoring of major alterations and repairs.

Whatever the need, we are happy to discuss and provide proposals wherever we can offer assistance. If you wish to maintain, develop, alter or refurbish your building, we can provide an accurate scope of work, design, building consent (if required) and construction management to achieve building code compliance, completed on time, on budget and to the required quality.

I’m a residential home owner – how can you help me?

We can help with identifying the cause and remedy of building damage, by assessing buildings for weathertightness, by resolving unconsented building work, outstanding CCCs, section 95a and NTF issues, designing remedial or maintenance work and by producing as-built plans and elevations prior to starting building alterations or additions.

If you suspect your home might be a leaky building, we can find out for you. We can also identify potentially responsible parties to seek compensation from if the building was recently purchased or if the work is less than 10 years old.

We can provide a vendor’s report prior to the sale of your property, to determine what items require maintenance and repair that would ordinarily be discovered by a prospective purchaser’s inspection.

If you wish to develop or alter your home, we can provide an accurate scope of work, design documentation, building consent (if required) and construction management to achieve the desired result to building code compliance, on time, on budget and to the required quality.

How do you help architects and designers?

Architects and designers are often called into weathertight defect claims for leaky buildings due to inadequate or incorrect information in their plans and specifications. By conducting thorough reviews of plans and specifications prior to submission for building consent, or prior to starting work on site, we can identify potential building code non-compliances and offer alternative design solutions, particularly to high-risk areas of weather-tightness, thus reducing the designer’s potential liabilities for being sued.

If architects or designers are called in as respondents in a construction defects claim we can provide expert witness services by investigating the circumstances of the claim and preparing evidence and opinion as to their responsibility for the defects.

For alterations and additions, we can assist by providing measured surveys and as-built plans and elevations in .DWG or .IFC format for them to develop their designs as proposed.

Architects and designers are also often called into leaky building claims due to the construction work not being implemented in accordance with the design plans and specification. For confidence that construction work is carried out in accordance with the plans and specifications, we can carry out Clerk of Works or construction observation duties throughout the construction period and/or provide contract administration services under a formal construction contract as an engineer to the contract.

How can you help banks and other lenders?

Banks and other lenders often require a building survey (also known as a builder’s report or a builder’s inspection) be carried out prior to agreeing to lend money to purchase or alter a property.

By carrying out a thorough building survey and providing a report we can provide the appropriate level of information on which a lending institution can base its decision on whether to lend or not. This provides useful information about the nature and condition of the building, significant defects, significant repairing and maintenance issues and the likelihood of it being a leaky building and can therefore allocate risk accordingly.

If a bank or other lender is approached by one of their clients for a loan to carry out construction, either of a completely new building or alterations to an existing building, they may wish to obtain confirmation that the construction work will be completed to an acceptable standard and in compliance with the building consent, the building code and the manufacturer’s recommended instructions.

In order to safeguard the lender in this respect the lender may wish to impose loan criterion on their client to engage an independent Clerk of Works to monitor key stages of construction to ensure all work is carried out correctly to ensure building code compliance and an appropriate quality of finished building work is achieved.

This will help to safeguard the lender’s investment in the event their client defaults on the loan, for whatever reason, and will provide confidence that the construction completed up to the stage of default has been completed correctly and can be continued by others from the date of default through to completion.

Why choose us?

Experience and expertise

Reveal building consultants are Chartered and Registered Building Surveyors, Certified Weathertightness Surveyors, Licensed Designers and Registered Clerk of Works. We have over 70 years combined construction expertise in the UK and New Zealand.

End to end solutions means faster completion

We are able to look after your entire project from establishment of defects, scope of work, remedial design and overseeing repairs, to expert witness in construction disputes for compensation, if feasible.

Hands on construction

Both directors at Reveal have hands-on construction experience meaning we have an intimate knowledge of building and construction techniques. Our detailed understanding of building techniques means that our defect diagnosis is accurate and our remedial design for repairs are practically achievable.

Weve got you covered

We have Professional Indemnity Insurance ($2m cover) and General Liability Insurance ($10m cover) for all the work we carry out which is underwritten by Lloyds of London.

We aim to improve the quality of New Zealand building construction by helping Architects, designers and builders mitigate their risk through design review and construction observation, and helping building owners navigate through their building related needs. We believe in ‘Right first time, on time, on budget’.

We’ve got you covered – We have Professional Indemnity Insurance ($2m cover) and General Liability Insurance ($10m cover) for all the work we carry out which is underwritten by Lloyds of London. We believe it is far better to aim for perfection at design and construction stage, rather than aim for ‘Minimum necessary to achieve council sign-off’ and hope for the best. Otto von Bismarck once said ‘…Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others…

We have a reputation for taking the difficulties out of what can sometimes be a complex process. From the get-go we will work with you to determine the best path for your project. We’re a team of 5 highly experienced individuals and are an expanding team of specialists who get the job done on time, and right first time.

Leaky home & Weathertight specialists

All buildings are potentially at risk of weather-tightness failure, regardless of the building’s age, structure or cladding type. A typical NZ ‘leaky building’ is generally understood as one where water has penetrated a timber-framed building’s cladding system, leading to elevated moisture levels in the building’s timber framing, promoting the growth of mould and fungus, which can lead to decay of the timber framing and the growth of toxigenic mould.

Our knowledge and experience in weathertight assessment and design gives us the ability to assess and design site-specific details for inclusion in a building’s design to ensure building code compliance.


Whether you need an inspection or consultancy on weathertight design or modeling, Reveal BC has the expertise to get the job done on time and to the highest compliant standards. Get in touch today…