Clerk of Works Inspections

We carry out Clerk of Works, Building Code Compliance or Quality Assurance duties, including full time or intermittent construction site observation to ensure compliance with the building consent, building code and quality of work.

Building project Right First Time

Clerk of works reports

Building Code Compliance and Quality Assurance duties

The NZ construction industry has experienced major systemic defects and subsequent legal claims over the last 15 years. Many of these defects and subsequent claims would have been substantially reduced or totally eliminated if a Registered Clerk of Works had been engaged to assist with design review prior to construction, and to oversee compliance with building code, building consent and manufacturer’s recommendations during construction, ensuring the appropriate quality of completed work.

Certified Weathertightness Surveyors

Reveal Building Consultants are Registered Clerk of Works, Chartered and Registered Building Surveyors, Certified Weathertightness Surveyors, Certified Passive House Consultants and Licensed Designers. As such we are well qualified and experienced to act as Clerk of Works for a range of construction projects.

Reveal Building Consultants Limited has the qualifications, experience, skills, and knowledge to ensure your project is inspected and reported on at all the key stages of construction to ensure workmanship, materials, and processes are in accordance with design requirements to ensure minimum defects and maintenance on completion.

For mechanical, electrical and other specialist trades we can engage sub-consultants as required on behalf of the client according to project requirements.  Our philosophy of ‘right first time’ underpins our desire to act in the best interests of clients at all times.

A registered Clerk of Works is a qualified independent construction professional registered with the Institute of Clerk of Works and Construction Inspectorate (ICWCI) . A Clerk of Works has a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience of design and construction. He/she can be engaged full time or intermittently, as appropriate for the size and complexity of the project and the client’s requirements.  He/she can be engaged by the client, designer, project manager, developer or contractor but is most often engaged by the client. He/she will:

  • build relationships and engage in dialogue with all members of the construction, project management and design teams as appropriate for the level of engagement for each project
  • carry out quality and completeness inspections of construction work in progress
  • inspect and record critical stages of construction for compliance with the building consent, the building code and all the relevant manufacturer’s product recommendations
  • assess and record construction progress in relation to the construction programme
  • assess construction processes, time frames, sequences and procedures and offer advice and guidance in ways to increase efficiency, reduce construction time, reduce conflicts and clashes and ensure minimum maintenance of the building once complete
  • provide regular written reports to the client (and other team members as appropriate for the project) on all of the above

Get it right – first time

By engaging a Registered Clerk of Works you enroll a separate set of eyes and ears to the project who can be engaged on a full time or intermittent basis, depending on the nature and scope of work. Our aim is for contractors and clients to get it right – first time.

Work with the professionals

We have extensive experience of other people’s mistakes from our hundreds of defective building investigations.

The evidence of the last fifteen to twenty years of the NZ construction industry’s mistakes leads us to one fundamental conclusion: It is better to try and get it right first time rather than re-visit the mistakes later at considerable cost to building owners, tenants, designers, contractors, sub-contractors, councils, government, insurers and lenders.

Questions about our services?

We know there is commonly asked questions about the design process and choosing, engaging and working with a building consultancy business.

Get building compliant with a Clerk of Works from Reveal BC